Sunday, April 7, 2024

Benjamín Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel Should be Charged with War Crime

The unbelievable murder of 7 volunteer workers for the World Kitchen Center in 3 vans going to Gaza to feed the Palestinas people cannot be tolerated and excused as an "accident". Netanyahu is an indicted criminal who is headed to jail and like Trump is doing all he can to save his butt from being arrested by creating chaos and keeping the war going. 

The October 7th attack on Israel by the terrorist was known ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE they were going to do this, but Netanyahu did nothing to prevent it, because he doesn't want to go to jail.  He took no action on October 7th for up to 8 hours before the government took action to protect the Israeli women and children who were raped and killed and over 250 hostages taken by the terrorist.

President Biden has done all he can, but Netanyahu has thumbed his nose to the American request to save himself.  President Biden should not give offensive weapons to Israel until we know exactly what happened.  War crimes cannot be tolerated for one man.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

What I Know Now I Didn't on 4-26-13 When I Wrote My Blog Dr.Dorigo Had Fled the USA

 When I found out Dr. Oliver Dorigo had left UCLA Medical Center in December 2012 for Germany after the California Department of Justice got my case in 2011, I contacted the federal agency Health & Human Services on 1-15-2011.  They sent 2 investigators to my apartment and put inro writing they wanted my case investigated for ELDER ABUSE.  

When I wrote my Blog "Dr. Dorigo fled the USA for Germany to Avoid Prosecution for Criminal Acts"      I did not know about the CA 125 test that showed I never had cancer in my body one week before I had a radical hysterectomy on May 28, 2008, 16 years ago.

Dr.  Dorigo tried on 3 occasions to have me get chemotherapy which I would not do.  On one occasion I left the office, and an older woman was crying on the sofa.  I asked her what was wrong, and she said Dr, Dorigo said she had to have chemotherapy for her cancer, and she was scared.  I told her I will not have chemotherapy even though I did not know at that time I never had cancer and probably this woman as well. 

That was Dr. Dorigo's and UCLA Medical Center cover up.  If I had just one session of chemotherapy which would be torture, that would be their excuse the treatment wiped it out, even though the pathology report would show the CA 125 test was under 35 and no cancer in the body.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

If the FBI Needs Any Confirmation on MY Blog of Any Person or Situation

 I am now legally blind in my eye due to Cataract surgery.  This is proving very difficult to read, so if the FBI needs any additional information or anything regarding my case against UCLA Medical Center just let me know.

I cannot drive I now have a Seniors ID card, but if you send agents to my apartment to either pick me up to take me to your office or do an interview here like the Health and Human Services did, I agree to that.

I have remembered I believe Carole Wells Doheny was a silent partner and controlled the financial office of the University Foot and Ankle Institute located at 2121 Wilshire Blvd, in Santa Monica that I did not include in my Blog. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Is Carole Wells Doheny Using a Wheelchair Because of Need for Hip Replacement?

Is Carole Wells Doheny using a wheelchair to get around because she needs a hip replacement and hasn't had the surgery because no orthopedic doctor could talk me into having one myself?  

I know after I broke my hip on August 12, 2018, and had to be taken by ambulance to Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, I was asked who my primary doctor was and at the time it was De. Megan E. Chen.  Even though I never saw Dr. Chen, nevertheless, she contacted   Cardiology Consultants of Santa Monica to have a doctor check on me as a "favor" for her.  

The purpose was not that I need a cardiologist, but Dr. Chen needed my Medicare number to charge $8,389.00 to my total bill of $78,000.00 for medical care for Carole Wells Doheny that hadn't been paid.      In other words, Dr Chen committed Medicare Fraud.

Was that the reason Carole Wells Doheny had Dr. Megan E. Chen as her companion to Asia to open bank accounts in Hong Kong, Singapore and China?  After all she committed Medicare fraud for her so what else would she do?  Open accounts in her name as a Chinese doctor from the United States and in return would compensate her well.?

Sunday, March 10, 2024

"Continue the Story" Create a Story is a Fraud by a Scammer

This morning on my Facebook notification under Sean McCaff III, was the following statement:

"Your friends want to hear from you.  Share a recent moment to take them behind the scene, Create a Story".

This fraud is by someone who is a scammer to get information on my dad and myself to defame us or put out false information to discredit us prior to the book being written right now on my dad's career as a New York Ranger for 14 years including the 1940 Stanley Cup win.

This person has hacked into 2 writers I have worked with Sean McCaff III and Samuel Claesson who are "Friends" on my Facebook.  I have been asked by thousands of people since 2009 when I started my Blog to be added as "Friends", but I only have 4 people because I know these people personally either personally or professionally.

I ask the public not to respond to this fraud.  I have not nor would I ask anyone to "Continue the story".

I will ask the FBI if this is something they should look into?  There is only one person on this earth who would do herself or hire someone to do this - Carole Wells Doheny.  She used my father Phil Watson as her own when he was alive and lived in Vancouver, Canada.  She paid off my stepmother Rosemarie Watson and paid her in cash to be her "family".  I know who my father is from the day I was born - Carole Wells does not.

This woman is so jealous of me and used my name as Janet Winston since 1987 and even threaten me in 1987 when I refused to continue as her divorce consultant saying, "Don't say I didn't warn you Jan".  I just didn't know of her connections to organize crime and or drug cartels.